Business Management Characteristics

All activities carried out by Manger to resolve something through other people are known as management. In other words, management is to manage human resources and others wisely for the achievement of organizational goals. It is universal in all organized activities. This is an exercise aligning men, money, machinery, materials, and methods to meet the specified objectives.

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Objective oriented

Each organization is set for certain purposes. Management is an instrument or system that contributes to the use of human resources and other efficiently to achieve predetermined goals. The main objective of business management is to maximize productivity with the use of human efforts optimally.

Universal activity

Management is very important where human activities exist. The business management process may differ from organizations to organizations but the basic principles of management are the same. It can be said that management principles apply universally.

Social process.

Business management is part of the social process. Management achieves its goals with, with, and through people. This utilizes human resources for the achievement of organizational goals. Management must consider not only organizational goals but also social goals. This must meet the needs of employees in organizational resources.

Dynamic / modified activity

Management is a dynamic and sustainable process. The current management system may not be valid or effective for tomorrow. Therefore, management must be dynamic and flexible with community changes in the community. Management must modify the style according to the time and situation. This flexibility is very important for organizations to adjust to changes in the business environment.

Group activities

The concept of business management does not apply if there is only one person or owner. This represents teams, classes or parts of people involved in various managerial functions. It’s important if there is a group of people involved in doing any activities to achieve common goals. Management defines authority, responsibility and procedures to do certain work.

Different processes.

Management as a process involves various types of functions. One management function is interrelated with other functions. Management clearly defines the specific work process to achieve a predetermined goal. It does not consider the trial approach.

Good science and art

Science is a knowledge body, principal or truth that is synonymized which is proven experimentally. Likewise, art is a personal skill and the ability to apply scientific principles. Management is science and art. This is science because it is based on several basic principles of universal applications. This is also an art because of skills and capabilities needed to perform managerial functions.

A profession

The profession involves certain types of work, followed by special knowledge and education. With the development of shared companies together and multinational ownership and management companies have been different. Management of large organizations has been entrusted in the hands of professionals who have special skills and knowledge.

Multi-disciplinary in nature

Business management is multi-disciplinary. Many principles and techniques used in borrowed management form a number of other students such as psychology, sociology, economics and mathematics.

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