Five Simple Ways To Make Your Shop Space Look Even Better

As a high street retailer, it is important that a shop retains its presence and appeal to ensure that customers continue to find value in the brand. This value can be developed in a number of ways, with many retailers choosing to focus on their products, marketing, and sales representatives. One immensely important aspect, however, and one that is often overlooked, is retail design.

The aesthetics of shop space, from its facade to its interior, is an ongoing advertisement to customers. The quality of furnishings broadcast the quality of a brand just as the style of an interior communicates the design of a product. If retailers allow their shop design to become ill-considered or into disrepair, their presence on the high street will soon see a decline in interest.

Uplifting Colour

Different colours work for different brands and the bold reds of one shop might not lend themselves to the understated aesthetic of their high street neighbour. However, the shared factor of both contracting designs is that both can benefit from being uplifted with a fresh coat of paint.

Over time, colours will fade and the tones that once made a shop’s style so appealing and defined will begin to be forgotten. As such, retailers should ensure that their shop’s colour is continuously refreshed with new coats of their chosen colours.


Even if a retailer does not have the means or time to completely refresh their interior space, there is a great deal of value in simply reorganising elements of a shop layout. Changing window displays, moving clothing rails, and adjusting shop shelving are each quick changes that can help to make a retail space feel entirely new to both customers and employees alike.

New Branding

A shop’s marketing campaigns are an opportunity to communicate new information about a brand, such as a product sale or service initiative. However, their visual elements are also an opportunity to reach new customers and influence a space. With considered and eye-catching designs, market campaigns can also help draw in passersby’s attention and even help a shop space to feel fresh.

Clear Out

Over time, shop spaces also accrue stock. Whether it is products, sales equipment, or general clutter, spaces are likely to be far more ‘full’ than when they first opened, which tends to make them also feel overly busy.

To spend time clearing away non-essentials and reviewing whether certain assets need to be kept out on the shop floor, a retailer can very easily revitalise a space by discarding clutter and welcoming clean space.

Host An Event

Temporary retail events, or pop-ups, are exciting activities for both customers and employees alike. Whether a retailer chooses to take to the outdoors and offer free samples or welcome guests inside for a unique retail experience, they are assured to create discussion in the local area and help their shop to be seen not only as a business but one of activity and value.

Lighting can also play a big role in how your shop looks. Use some tips from the infographic below to help make your shop stand out and look even better.

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