Five ways to create excitement for your corporate events


Based on the analysis of major areas where corporate events are important, it can be concluded that they are a significant aspect of organizations’ functioning as they contribute to shaping corporate culture and help to strengthen corporate identity. But often, it becomes quite difficult to create real enthusiasm for such events to happen. Here are five strategic ways that can help attract a large audience to your next corporate event and make people talk about it.

  1. Generate buzz with creative invitations

Buying the interest of the audience starts right from the invitation. While e-invitations sent through emails are effective, it is normally not eye-catching. Instead, it is recommended to use creative invitations distinctive from the regular set of cards or emails.

You could send tactile invitations that the attendees can use, like a puzzle or a small kit for building something associated with the event’s topic. In the case of e-invitations, use moving graphics or a short video and clippings of the key speakers to grab the attention.

Implementing a theme can also make a boring session exciting and filled with / anticipation of a new surprise. For instance, if you are hosting an event that will feature things from the 1980s decade, then your invitations must have neon touches and 1980ish font.

It also helps to establish the rather lighthearted mood that will be adopted when the event is underway and serves as a gentle reminder to all present of the exciting time that they have in front of them, which they will have to endure.

Moreover, keep your invitation artistic and concise by using a conference poster that is professionally made to encompass all information about the conference and can also be posted on social networks.

  1. Utilize teasers and countdowns

Thus, when planning the construction of sights or preparing for some significant event, a graphic build-up of expectation can greatly contribute to the excitement. Launch a teaser campaign on the firm’s social media arteries, posting regular updates about the countdown with teasers on what is expected.

The video teasers could be short, 1-5 minutes, which can be clips from previous events, interviews with the speakers, or teasers of the topics to be discussed. These teasers need to be used consistently across all company communication channels to sustain the target audience’s interest and to intensify the build-up to the event progressively.

Think about creating a short video series or a pre-event blog series that will discuss the topics to be addressed at the event in more depth to explain why such conversations are important. This does not only create awareness but also creates the perception that the event is one that nobody would want to miss for those willing to update their knowledge and interact with other professionals.

  1. Keep your attendees in their comfort zone 

Engagement can help the attendees have that one event they will never forget. Schedule activities that demand the involvement and participation of the participants. It could be workshops, usually interactive, question and answer sessions with guest speakers or other experts, or technology-enhanced learning like virtual reality stations. These elements make the attendees actively participate rather than being mere observers in an event.

Another strategy that also works is the application of gamification. Suggest that a given number of points should accompany different activities or networking.

You can encourage the participants, messages can be sent to each of them like ‘You are now in second place with fifty points,’ ‘You are now in third place with forty points’ and so on and prizes may be given to the winners at the end of the event. It not only enhances the event’s outcomes but also incorporates the somewhat competitive aspect that people like.

  1. Offer networking with a twist

Networking is a significant element of any corporate occasion, but it sounds more necessary than entertainment. Make people’s business networks more of an exciting experience by arranging business networking in different and informal ways. Have people walk around at the event and join meetings that last a few minutes and enlist attendees to be set up with others who share common interests during the event.

To make these sessions more engaging, they can be held in locations not familiar to students; this could be a park close by or even a boat, depending on the location. They can also include settings that can lighten the mood of the interactions, making them more memorable.

Cocktails, especially during these sessions, can also make the process more comfortable and not clinical, as well as providing snacks.

  1. Engage the customer with compelling data

It is an important fact that fun should not stop when the occasion is over. Always engage attendees using follow-up causes that build on and provide more utility than the completed event. It could be a replay of the event where a video is made, special interviews with the speakers, or more information on matters discussed during the event.

The attendees also need to feel appreciated after the event, for which sending personalized thank you messages can help. It could also be useful to add a feedback form for them to share their comments and suggestions on events, which not only proves your appreciation of their input but also enhances future events.


Generating interest in such corporate events is imperative not only for attendance but also for improving the attendees’ experience to accomplish the event’s objectives. It means that starting from invitations and using teasers and countdown, up to an effective appeal to the technological tools and the creative ways of organizing the networking, and a proper follow-up, it is possible to change a simple corporate meeting into a highly anticipated event with active participation and interactions all around.

With these strategies, you can create an event that the participants will appreciate and also aid in promoting the right company spirit.

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