Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

While in the originating years of online retail, few customers would ever consider the speed at which their orders would be delivered. Contrasting that to the online shopping era of today, many customers will refuse to purchase a good if the shipping costs are outside of what they’re willing to pay and would be even more unlikely to purchase if they knew the lead time was anywhere more than two days. While many of these customers are feeling the influence of Amazon on their willingness to purchase elsewhere, there are still customers willing to shop with the lesser established retailer. These retailers are often left to debate which commercial shipping option is right for them: free or fast? Both options are influential, but for most smaller retailers, excelling in one of these facets means failing in another. Fast shipping will often come at a cost and free shipping will often require some patience. Expecting patience from a customer can be a tall order, which is why so many retailers are attempting to maximize their efficiency in delivery. This may require warehouse space more centralized to customer centers as it can ensure faster delivery as an option. These types of changes require investment, so there’s a lot to be considered before deciding which option is best for your organization. Interested in learning more about this decision? Please read on to the resource paired alongside this post for more information.

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery? presented by WAREHOWZ, the company to call when attempting to find warehouse space


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