Quick Fixes to a Broken Laundry Machine

Do you have a commercial laundry business or have your own laundry machine at home? Whatever the case, you may have noticed that your laundry machine isn’t performing as well as it did before. Maybe it isn’t cleaning your clothes the way it used to, or you find leaks after every cycle.

When this happens, don’t ignore it! Fortunately, some laundry machine problems can be solved with home tools and the proper Laundry Replacement Parts. Let’s take a look on how to fix the common issues ourselves.

  1. Not cleaning well enough

This is a common problem, and some of the common causes include:

  • Blocked detergent tray
  • Clogged filter
  • Blocked drainage pipe

You don’t need coin op laundry parts to solve this, but simply a good cleaning session with your laundry machine. Clean the detergent and filter drawer before starting the next wash cycle. If the problem persists, it may come from overloading the laundry machine, using the wrong detergent, or using the wrong wash cycle

  1. It doesn’t finish its cycle

If your laundry machine won’t finish its cycle, it may come from poor drainage. Look out for blockages in the drain hose and pump filter, cleaning it accordingly. Inspect the laundry machine and the floors for any leaks as well, checking the door seal, hoses, and pumps.

It may also be overheating if used consecutively for over 5 hours, so let it rest for an hour or so and try using it again later.

  1. It won’t advance to the next cycle

The major reason behind a laundry machine not moving to the next cycle is due to a  faulty timer. You can replace the timer yourself, as long as you get one that is compatible with the machine.

Other reasons may be due to a faulty door latch or interlock, as well as drainage. If the problem is poor drainage with strange noises, this will need intervention from a professional.

  1. Smelly machine

If you have a laundry business, your machines will be used consecutively throughout the day. You might have forgotten that it requires even more cleaning and maintenance compared to the home laundry machine. A smelly machine means that it needs cleaning, especially around the detergent drawer, drums, and door seals.

Check out the filter and drain hose, removing any blockages. Then, clean the laundry machine, keeping it free from any built-up grime, detergent, and molds.

  1. Noisy and vibrating machine

There are different reasons why your washing machine is noisy, such as heavy wash loads, obstructions in the inner drum and outer tub, unbalanced machine feet, or worn drum bearings.

Make sure that you or your customers double-check their loads before putting them in the machine, and avoid washing heavy loads. Also, check the machine and see if the feet are stable, replacing the feet if it shows imbalance and begins to vibrate.

Wrapping It Up

Keep these common issues in mind as you inspect your laundry machine and see if they can be solved on your own or by a professional. Good luck!

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