Soaring ROI Has Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Garnering Rave Feedback

The role of the online shop has changed fundamentally over the past two or three decades. Once upon a time, the idea of shopping solely on the Internet was a concept as foreign as the Internet itself. Now, thanks to global changes including the COVID-19 pandemic, the way by which we operate has changed entirely – we are looking for convenience and affordability and sometimes a little bit more.

Keter Group was established in Israel as a sustainable provider of resin-based indoor/outdoor home furniture and decor. Honing in on sustainable efforts while embracing the very things that they do best, Keter Group was able to grow in the United States and throughout Europe under the leadership of CEO Alejandro Pena.

With much changing in the world, Alejandro Pena is uniquely focused on how he can prop his business up to serve the needs of a sustainable climate while providing long-lasting products to his customers.

Making Change by Boosting Outcomes

Alejandro Pena came to the team at Keter Group by way of his work at the legacy company Rubbermaid. While working at Rubbermaid, Alejandro Pena grew to understand the importance of quality, design, and customer care as intrinsic to the role of a brand’s identity. A brand’s identity tells so much more about the brand than any single product could, ensuring positivity and desirable outcomes along the way.

Keter has risen dramatically in popularity under the guiding hand of Alejandro Pena thanks to the CEO’s affinity for customer data and customer data science, working to leverage key data sets to a competitive advantage by targeting what consumers care about the most. Creating this multidimensional customer model from data sets has given Pena the ability to guide his team into the future while supplying customers with what they are looking for.

Transforming Keter Group With Green Initiatives

It is easy for a brand to embark upon a mission to accomplish goals, but it is far more difficult to actually accomplish those goals. Keter has long been focused on curating a green mindset by embracing green initiatives under the leadership of CEO Alejandro Pena.

Pena says of his work targeting greener initiatives through the business, “We see Keter becoming more of a consumer-centric company where our brands will play an even bigger role in our business model.”

Doubling and drilling down on this concept has led Pena to help promote the Keter Green Spaces sustainability initiative. The goal of this initiative is to provide communities the education, materials, and connections that they need in order to foster pro-environmentalism at home and abroad.

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