Top Travel Insurance Choices for Senior Citizens

When you begin a journey, you begin a new experience. This experience differs from person to person. It can be a leisurely trip, family vacation, exploration journey, finding oneself, learning something new, or study and work-related travel.

All of these experiences and memories are priceless, regardless of the age of the person commencing those. It can be a toddler, teenager, young adult, middle-aged one, or an old person.

It is important to stay safe throughout the journey. This is one of the primary reasons why a travel insurance plan is paramount. There are types of travel insurance, too. You can buy travel insurance: standard plan, family travel insurance, children travel insurance, and senior citizen travel insurance. It can count as a gift so that you have a worry-free and secure journey.

 Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

A policy that financially safeguards your journeys in or out of India is called a travel insurance policy. It provides financial assistance in covering any kind of loss the insured and insurer have agreed upon during the travel.

Senior citizen travel insurance is a policy that is designed for the unique needs and considerations of senior citizens of the country. Usually, travel insurance in India caters to individuals aged 60 years or above.

Let us understand what factors make a certain policy the best travel policy option for a senior citizen to choose.

 Factors of the Best Option in Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

A good senior citizen travel insurance should have:

  • Higher Assured Sum

There are different kinds of issues that can arise while you are away from home. It can be a stolen wallet, viral fever, accident, flight cancellation, hotel room cancellation, and many unforeseen circumstances.

Apart from that, the medical facilities are very expensive abroad. If you want to cover yourself and financially safeguard your money, you should opt for a high assured sum.

 Trip Cancellation Cover

A policyholder should be financially protected against trip cancellations due to any unforeseen reasons. It could be sickness, plane cancellation, accidents, etc..

It should be specifically covered under the insurance policy. The financial loss that occurred due to this cancellation of rentals or travels should be compensated with the help of your policy.

  • Baggage Loss or Delay

Baggage delays are a common phenomenon during international trips. But luggage loss or theft is a bigger issue than that. Usually, senior citizens travel with medicines and necessities like a tummy belt or a spinal support belt.

These are medical requirements and the travellers should be able to buy those. Hence, as a senior citizen, you should be able to get financial compensation. Look for a policy that covers baggage theft or loss!

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance Service

Elderly individuals typically need assistance while travelling in new places since it is difficult to blend in with the alien culture and break the language barrier. It is especially difficult with individuals with special needs, for example, a person who walks slowly or has weak hearing.

Even apart from special conditions, senior citizens will naturally require travel assistance and advice. Look for an insurance policy that offers a 24/7 travel advisor or assistant.

  • Higher Age Limit

Ensure that the travel policy has a higher age limit. It shouldn’t just be 60-70 years of age. There are many insurance providers that do not provide insurance covers for senior citizens above 75 years. The best option for senior citizen travel policy is a plan that consists of provisions for people above the age of 60.

  • Medical Coverage

This cover has the most importance in travel insurance. It is important that you opt for medical coverage in your travel policy because, as we have mentioned above, medical facilities are extremely expensive abroad.

It is important for you to be ready with all the possible facilities. Senior citizens are susceptible to health issues due to changed weather, are vulnerable to allergic particles, and can be easily injured. Hence, medical coverage is a must-have.

  • Medical Evacuation Cover

As we have mentioned above, senior citizens are vulnerable to medical conditions, especially when they are out of their homeland. In case of an emergency, if they are asked to be transferred to India, the expenses are going to be sky-high.

One cannot raise such a huge amount in a matter of hours or days. Hence, keeping a medical evacuation cover at your disposal will always be a safe option.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions Cover

Most policies avoid pre-existing conditions coverage since it is not a profitable deal most of the time. But, look for the policies that will cover pre-existing conditions.

There might be conditions for the coverage, like waiting periods or listed illnesses. It is preferable to buy a policy that covers those, even if the premium heightens a bit by that.


Senior citizens have peculiar requirements; they are different from the needs and necessities of young individuals. This is more of a reason to take extra measures and consider various factors before choosing a senior citizen travel policy. Noted insurance providers like Tata AIG provide really good plans when it comes to travel insurance plans for senior citizens.

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