What industries use industrial air compressors?

Although many presss about air compressors in recent years have focused on new markets for small and medium air compressors, they traditionally mainly used by heavy industries and this continues today. Industrial air compressors are usually permanent machines and usually operate at a much higher level than compressors available at your local hardware store. Some compressors operate using hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of horsepower and create a level of pressure well outside non-industry applications.

One of the most dependent industries on industrial air compressors is the petroleum and natural gas industry. These companies use a large compressor for a myriad of purpose. Almost all natural gas pipes are encouraged using large industrial air compressors, which are often operated by natural gas turbines. This turbine is triggered directly by natural gas pumped through pipes, so they can operate without additional external resources. Petroleum refineries and natural gas plants also tend to create a large amount of medium gas and final products in their various processes, all of which are also compressed using large industrial compressors. Manufacture of industrial compressors for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry is a special niche, with many companies that build compressors exclusively for this industry and destination.

Industrial air compressors are also used in various industrial and manufacturing applications, where the use of pneumatic tools is more efficient than other options. Almost every major production plant has one or more industrial compressors used to power various tools and systems in factories or plants. Pneumatic tools and devices are inherently more effective and less polluted than most alternatives available, so they play a key role in almost all major factories, regardless of the products made or the type of work done. Many of the largest factories that have industrial air compressors are made specifically to meet their very specific and demanding demands, and there are all industry devoted to building and maintaining these customized compressors.

Industrial air compressors also play an important role in stored air production and other gases for various applications. From tanks used by scuba divers, to hospitals, until firefighters and welders; Most of them are filled on industrial scale from large industrial compressors. Compressors used to store air breathable and special gas all operate under very specific guidelines designed to ensure that the final product is safe and effective. Many very special compressors are needed to handle this particular need and this is at least part of the reason why so many types of industrial compressors remain in production. Simply put, there are no types of single compressors that can meet all the specifications of each type of gas to be compressed.

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