Workplace Investigation Timeline

Though once thought to be a pandemic luxury, many organizations are continuing to support the hybrid workplace model for their employees. While this has provided some unique benefits to both organizations and their employees, it has also changed the way in which HR professionals are handling employee relations issues. Digital communication has become the new norm for conversations that can’t wait until employees are in the office. This is true for more than just HR troubles, though, as employees working alongside their team members or cross-functionally will need to be able to fluidly communicate. While it’s true that some things are better left said in-person, many techniques used by HR professionals in-office are just as effective online. With the right human resource solutions in place, organizations are better equipped to handling both the good and the bad, including both digital and in-person workplace investigations. Though every organization hopes to avoid them, transgressions will occur and being prepared to handle them is imperative for any organization’s success. To be better prepared for these moments, be sure to continue reading on to the infographic accompanying this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline provided by HR Acuity, a company specializing in employee relations case management software

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